Episode 56 - Part 2 - Art Studio for Children (Nancy MacDonald) - S.M.E. Stories

By S.M.E. Stories by Northway Capital Group | Feb 27, 2023
Join us for Episode 55 - Part 2 of S.M.E. Stories and meet Nancy MacDonald, a professional artist who has created an art studio for children! Learn about her journey to creating the studio and see how she is helping young people explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Hear Nancy's inspiring story of turning her passion into a fulfilling career that impacts lives around her every day. Watch now and be inspired by the power of pursuing your dreams!

Website - www.artstudioforchildren.com
Instagram - @artstudioforchildren
Wearable Art - Www.nanceromance.com
Instagram for Wearable Art - @nanceromance.to
Remarkable: Stories from Female Entrepreneurs who have created success despite the odd - https://email.cloud.secureclick.net/c/2048?id=83230.7778.1.c017253d6f9e70d8fa20f48f96617625

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