Episode 58 - Part 2 - Lora Behm Mortgages (Lora Behm) - S.M.E. Stories

By S.M.E. Stories by Northway Capital Group | Mar 13, 2023
In Episode 58, Part 2 of S.M.E. Stories, we’ll explore the world of mortgages and how Lora Behm navigates it for her clients. She will provide an insider's perspective on the mortgage industry, discussing topics such as loan rates and types, pre-approvals, refinancing options and other intricacies that are vital to understanding this complex field. Learn from one of the best in the business as she shares her secrets to success!

Website - https://www.mortgagearchitects.ca/Sites/Lora-Behm

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorabehm/?originalSubdomain=ca

MortgageApp - https://www.maapp.ca/app/lora-behm?lang=en

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