Episode 64 - Part 2 - Renew Performance (Dr. Jenna Ross) - S.M.E. Stories

By S.M.E. Stories by Northway Capital Group | May 02, 2023
In this episode of the S.M.E. Stories Podcast - Part 2 with Renew Performance, Dr. Jenna Ross dives into the world of the Mental Performance Business with a focus on sport psychology. She shares her insights on how to develop a successful business strategy that allows you to reach your goals while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Dr. Ross shares valuable tips on how to stay motivated and productive in any working environment, so you can see results quickly and effectively! Get ready for an inspiring journey.

Instagram: @Renewmindbody and @jennalynn_ifbbpro
Twitter: @renewmindbody
Facebook: Dr. Jenna Ross (page)
Website: www.renewperformance.org
Email: coach@renewperformance.org