Where we tell the exciting stories of the small business owners in Canada, whether it's your side hustle, full-time venture, or monetizing your passion project, it's all in the story. Different business owners from various industries tell you how it is. Our goal is to educate and motivate you to control your destiny. Real estate, pets, healthcare, fitness, and art industries will be on the show. Solopreneurs, partnerships, corporations, and franchise owners are all welcome. Sit back, get lost in the stories, and absorb.

Your business is in good hands, with support from Northway Capital Group.

Northway Capital Group is a family-owned business that focuses on small business owners.

We are a family built on entrepreneurship, from our parents to us and passing it to the next generation.

Being small business owners, we understand other owners' struggles, which is why clients are small business owners.


Team Members:
Ken - Founder of Northway Capital Group

Ken has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, teaching with friends and family martial arts for almost ten years. At 17, he established a retail business selling various goods to clients. Ken's previous venture worked as a mobile auto detailer for several years before starting Northway Capital Group.

In addition, Ken is the owner of Canada's Best Small Business Podcast, the S.M.E. Stories podcast, distributed worldwide.
His professional demeanor and superb client service skills will always put the client at ease.


Mrs. K
Co-founder of Northway Capital Group

She's the team's queen, thanks to her family's business background. Over the years, her parent's company has grown from a small family plumbing supply business into a big firm with thousands of employees and a far-reaching market share in Hong Kong and Europe. She is the chief of the human resources department.



Who currently owns her own small business as a delivery carrier. She plans to own and operate her restaurant with a built-in candy shop. Her favourite activities are martial arts (she actively competes in various Brazilian jiu-jitsu & wrestling competitions) and watching WWE with her family.



He is starting his own small business as a delivery carrier & presently a head of maintenance operations at his grandmother's estate. His future is to become a  teacher.

He also enjoys competing in martial arts like his sister. He enjoys playing baseball and watching WWE.


Snowball & NinjaStar

They are the current Mascots of Northway Capital Group.
They supervise all operations & enjoy eating, sleeping, and staring out the windows. Their favourite show is Cat T.V. on YouTube.