Did you know that according to Podcastindex.org, as of April 2022

There are 4,058,150 total podcasts registered around the world.

podcastindex.org – April 2022 (https://www.thepodcasthost.com/listening/podcast-industry-stats/) 


In the U.S. - 62% of people in the U.S. have listened to a Podcast at least once



With the population in 2022 estimated at 334,889,920 

This is 207,631,750.

According to https://datacenter.kidscount.org/, the % of children under 18 is 22% of that population, meaning your potential audience of over 18 years old is 161,952,765.


Let's break that down in Canada.

Total population in 2022 is estimated at 38,409,316

Assuming the same percentages as the United States, that would be a potential audience of 18,574,745.


What does that mean? That means being on a podcast as a business owner can expand your name recognition of your business even if you can only serve local clients. More recognition means more interest, and more interest means more reach which means more opportunity to drive your sales, leading to more profit.


Our small business podcast is the S.M.E. Stories Podcast.


We tell the exciting stories of small business owners in Canada.


Whether it's your side hustle, full-time venture, or monetizing your passion project, it's all in the story. 


Different business owners from various industries tell you how it is. 


Our goal is to educate and motivate you to control your destiny. 


Real estate, pets, healthcare, fitness, and art industries will be on the show. Solopreneurs, partnerships, corporations, and franchise owners are all welcome. Sit back, get lost in the stories, and absorb.


Want to be on the show? Just enter your Company Name, email and & brief description of what your company does. Once accepted you will receive an email with a calendar to book you spot of the show =)


Q. Is the podcast live?

A. LOL no we pre-record our episodes

Q. Is it audio or video

A. Our episodes will be both audio & video, so please make sure to fix your hair =)

Q. How long is the podcast interview?

A. Typically we do 60mins as the show is a long format, but we can accommodate a 30mins episode

Q. What do we talk about on the show

A. We talk about your business, stories of how you got to where you are now, and some tips for the next generation of entrepreneurs.